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Life off the Shadow Mistress

(box still overwhelmed with asks, should eventually get to/sort thru them all.)

So, ive been reallsy busy with the start of real school and seeing my social worker and stuff but hopefully i should be around more often. ^__^

one of the reasons was that i went to the psychiatrist again and he told me that cuz of my antisocial personality disorder i’d have to get put on meds and i was like “FUCK THAT SHIT” and tipped over the fishtank in his office and all the fish died and i grabbed the shattered glass like i was gonna cut somebody so i got put in the hosputal for like 3 weeks and they evaluated me and they tried to hide drugs in the pudding from the kitchen but DUUUUUHHHHH do u think I’m a fucking idiot??? i can taste the stupid pills in the pudding because you didn’t melt them right, baka!!! X(

then evan decided that maybe he could try to break me out so he tried to sneak onto the grounds but they caught him and they were all “who are u?” and he was like, “im lindsay’s bf” and they were all “how old are u??” and he was like “12” so then they reavaluated me to see if i was a pedophile but i guess they decided i wasn’t though i might of lied a little bit about the stuff i masturbate too and so they let me go but they told me i had to take the meds evry day and they gave them to my mom and my dad for when im at both their houses but so far i have just been feeding them to the neighbours cat though i think it might of died because i heard it crying and i haven’t seen it so i will have to find a new cat. I don’t even think Im that antisocial because i hang out w/ people at school and on the internet??? so i dont get this disorder but whatever.

ive also been trying to improve my drawing skills so i can fulfill my dream of being a manga-ka so i hope that works out because my only back up plan is working at the walmart because my aunt is a manager and can get me a job.

My answer:

thnx bby <3 ^___^

marlboromiles Asked:
Why aren't you posting anymore? :c Please come back!

My answer:

i’ve been rly busy with real school starting again and having to see my social worker but i will hopefully be back moare!!! :D

Anonymous Asked:
DUDE. You do NOT force somebody to ingest your bodily fluids, whether they are aware of it or not. You could unwittingly (or wittingly?) be spreading a disease. Not cool. PLEASE tell me you have not and WILL NOT DO THIS EVER.

My answer:

i dont have any diseases though???

Anonymous Asked:
oh my god, this blog

My answer:

i’ll take that as a complement ^___^

Anonymous Asked:
Aryan is the category given the people of perfect European descent, but its also given to the people who come from old Persia, which has nothing to do with blond hair and blue eyes (most of the old Persians had black hair, black eyes). So you might, MIGHT want to specify because by saying that someone is so hot and Aryan, people can take it the opposite way it was meant. You can say European Aryan, that would make more sense.

My answer:

history is boring except for hitler

Anonymous Asked:
Have you ever published anything online under the name "Tara"?

My answer:


oh wait, do u mean my immortal. no, thats not me lol i would never write something that stupid. though i do rite hp fanfiction if u wanna see some?

Anonymous Asked:
just fyi, as a German I have to say: we don't want you here. Ever. Also most people would stop talkig to you after they found out you've got Eve Braun in your head. No one round here is big on Nazis. Except the Nazis.

My answer:

GOOD i dont wanna go to your stupid modern pussy germany anyway. i would rather build a time machine but that wont happen for at least like 20 yrs

mescaresme Asked:
hi where do you live? have you ever been to berlin or russia? how old are you. are you maigc?

My answer:

i live in nj. nope, i havent though id like to. i’m 16. yes, i have the magixs.

internettara-deactivated2012121 Asked:
love you or hate you it's still in obsession

My answer:

so true, thanks for your love/hate. I like to feed off of strong emotions

Welcome, simple passerby, to my innter world. My name is Lindsay but you may call me Vexx. Im a 16 year old, succubus-kin and spiritussexual. That means I can only fall in love and lust with a person's inner soul. outside appearance or gender means nothing to a succubus. luckily i've inherited extremely strong psychic ability from my grandmother so I can read a person's inner being even through the computer so WATCH OUT . ;) I am transethnic or maybe the word is transcultural since I am physically Irish but feel more connected to German culture and as if on the inside I am German. I'm probs also transfat and stuff pillows in my shirt alot but i'm probably not actually gonna become fat but people should respect me and call me fat cuz its my identity. My undying obsessions are anime/manga and everything Japan, goth, social justice and my artwork which I am soo proud f and will probably post.
I share this blog with my headmates, YES, I am part of a multiple system and I will be talking a lot about singlet prvivlege. My headmates are Vriska from the homestuck universe (if you want to bash fictionkin GO TO ANOTHER BLOG) Eva Braun, yes THAT Eva Braun (but I myself am not a nazi its not my fault Eva chose to reside here so STOP before you make opinions) and Solomon. Solomon is the child that I sadly had to remove from my womb before his time, but though his physicl self is no longer with me his spirit lives on as a part of me..
As is expected from a succubus this is a SEX-POSITIVE blog but don't mention how succbi are rapists because i'll probably address that at a later time so trolls and haters fuck off. ;D Oh, and I don't do trigger warnings. If you can't handle it you should get off tumblr. I have been through some shit and you don’t see me crying to the internet about it. if I disapper for a time its probly something with my Dad. But send me a msg or an ask and ENJOY!~ ^_^

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